admix-kit: Toolkit for analyzing genetic data of admixed populations#

This package aims to facilitate analyses and methods development of genetics data from admixed populations. We welcome feature requests or bug reports.


pip install -U admix-kit

Use conda ff you wish to create separate environment to avoid potential conflicts with other packages with:

git clone
cd admix-kit

conda env create --file environment.yaml
conda activate admix-kit

Get started#

Use cases#

The following manuscripts contain more motivation and details for functionalities within admix-kit:

  1. Admix-kit: An Integrated Toolkit and Pipeline for Genetic Analyses of Admixed Populations. bioRxiv 2023

  2. Impact of cross-ancestry genetic architecture on GWASs in admixed populations. AJHG 2023

  3. Causal effects on complex traits are similar for common variants across segments of different continental ancestries within admixed individuals. Nature Genetics 2023

  4. On powerful GWAS in admixed populations. Nature Genetics 2021

Upload to PyPI (for developers)#

python sdist
twine upload dist/*